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Our Eye Care Clinic

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Ventura CA – Buena Vista Optometry

The Ventura CA team of optometrists are committed to providing their patients with the most advanced vision and eye care. The optometry covers a wide range of services including eye exams, diagnosis, treatments, eyewear, and consultation.

Dr Ranjeet Bajwa | Buena Vista Optometry, Ventura CaliforniaOptometrists

The team of optometrists working at the Ventura CA is everything you would expect. Compassionate, ethical, competent, committed, qualified, professional and even fun. Everything you need from an optometrist you will find in the staff. That is the practice culture, they have brewed over the years in the facility.

The top optometrist, Dr. Ranjeet Bajwa is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. He is the only practicing Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry from Ventura CA. he is a member of the American Optometric Association and the current President-elect for the California Optometric Association Board. More reason to be convinced you will be getting excellent services from the practice. To give back to the community, Dr. Bajwa volunteers with the Special Olympics.

Eye Care Services

The practice stresses to parents the crucial advantage of having their children ages 6 months to 18 years old undergo pediatric exams as mandated by the American Optometric Association. Parents should bring their children in for a checkup eye exam every two years.

The reason for routine eye exams for children as well as adults is so that you can be able to diagnose early any existing diseases or complications with your vision. Early diagnosis translates to early and more effective treatment and a great reduction of risk to low vision.

Some of the diseases diagnosed and treated at the Ventura CA Buena Vista optometry are; macular degeneration, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, astigmatism, presbyopia, and myopia.

The optometry utilizes advanced technology and latest techniques to provide most effective, comfortable services. They provide Orthokeratology (CRT & VST) for eye reshaping and Laisse for eye lass thickening.

Get a Photo in your FramesEyewear

The optometry treats its patients to a wide variety of eyeglasses and contact lenses. They not only major on giving you fitting and functional eyewear but also something that fits your lifestyle. The eyeglasses are available in prescription, sunglasses, sports glasses, protective wear, SCUBA diving wear and so much to fit your individual needs. For contact lenses, they have bifocal/multifocal, gas permeable (GP), disposables, soft, rigid, colored, hard-to-fit lenses and toric.

They understand that eyewear is a significant addition to your daily look and want to give you a look as well that you are comfortable. For this, they provide eyeglasses with a great selection of nice designer frames from top brands in the market. The staff is also enthusiastic to help you narrow down your choices to get fit, function, and fashion into one eyeglass to serve your needs.

Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies at Ventura CA cover eye infections/pink eye, allergies, flashes and scratched eye/corneal abrasions. The common symptoms to look for are tearing, pain, redness, irritation and blurred vision.

The optometrist is versed with the best and latest technology and techniques to help diagnose and treat these emergencies as extensively as possible.


Routine exams and prescription eyewear can be really costly for patients especially those with large families. The Ventura CA optometry understands this and to showcase its concern, allow for use of vision insurance to reduce annual expenses.

Given that the optometry does both routine eye care and medical care, they accept some insurance plans. Some of the medical plans permitted include; Aetna, Anthem, Blue Shield of California, Cigna, Health Net, Health Scope, Medicare, UMR AND United Healthcare. Vision plans accepted include; Cigna, MES Vision, VSP, Spectera, Davis Vision, Eye Med and United Healthcare.

Some of Our Eye Care Services

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About Our Myopia Control Center

What is now being called an epidemic, with up to 5 billion people expected to be myopic by 2050, myopia has jumped into the spotlight in recent years due to an increased understanding that medium and high myopia are major risk factors for eye diseases such as Glaucoma, Cataracts, and Macular Degeneration. With intervention at a young age, the risks associated with myopia can be drastically reduced.

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woman putting in contact lenses
Great Selection Of Contact Lenses

Not sure that glasses are for you? At Buena Vista Optometry we specialize in contact lenses. Ask our Ventura staff about Contact Lenses. From daily disposable to specialty and color contacts, we offer a huge selection of the all the major contact lens brands. We offer everything from eye exams for contacts to emergency contact lens supplies. They are many advantages to consider when determining if contact lenses are right for you and our knowledgeable staff is here to answer any questions.

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Designer Frames in Ventura

At Buena Vista Optometry we have an extensive selection of eyewear including the latest styles in designer sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses. We offer eyewear for adults as well as a Kid's Optical. Here are just some of the lines we carry in our Venture Vision Center:

Check out our designer frames.