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Who is The Ideal Candidate For Scleral Lenses?

What are Scleral Lenses?

Scleral lenses are large glass permeable (GP) contact lenses. Though not as common as regular GP lenses, they share the same benefits such as allowing oxygen pass through the lens to the eye. Scleral lenses however have more advantages to soft lenses such as Vision insurance deals with vision plans that aim to reduce the cost of eye exams, spectacles, contact lenses, etc. They are helpful as they motivate people to go for routine eye check-ups which are quite expensive otherwise.

Clear Vision


Easy to Insert and Remove


Long-Wearing time


Long-Wearing Comfort


Durability and much fewer complications


Every individual can be eligible for scleral lenses if they want to optimize their vision. However,they are mainly helpful for persons with certain conditions where there are additional requirement such as increased comfort or compensating for an irregularly shaped cornea.

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Dr Ranjeet Bajwa

Meet Your Ventura, CA Eye Doctor

Our Optometrist in Ventura, CA, Dr. Bajwa can customize the lenses to fit the unique specifications of the individual wearer. The whole process may take more than one visit so that we can optimize the design and ensure that the method of application and removal will be efficient and comfortable for you. We provide FDA approved scleral lenses that we use with state of the art fitting technology that provides our optometrist a virtual map of the eye for ultimate comfort.

Dr. Bajwa is the current president of the California Optometric Association and is one of the leading optometrists using state of the art technology, and the latest lenses to provide our patients from Ventura, Ojai, Camarillo, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley, and Port Hueneme.

Solution for Irregular Corneas and keratoconus

People with irregular corneas are patients with an eye condition such as keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, post penetrating keratoplasty and corneal scarring, which often occurs as a result of refractive eye surgery such as LASIK and ocular surface disorders. Regardless of the cause of your irregular cornea, you can typically correct some of the vision issues with soft contact lenses or glasses.

Scleral lenses, however, can actually give you a level of vision that is more precise than any other option while also having the advantage of being far more comfortable. The scleral lenses will help maintain a healthy ocular surface. Reason being, when properly fit, the lenses will vault the cornea, creating a new corneal suface and supports a layer of tears that continually keep the cornea moist. Ultimately, they help protect the corneal surface from irritation, dehydration, trauma, and desiccation.

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If you have hard to fit eyes, scleral lenses can provide a more comfortable and secure fit. This scenario plays out for people whose eyes cannot fit comfortably with standard GP lenses. Also, for people whose eye shapes cause the lenses to easily dislodge or pop out from the eyes for example when playing sports, the larger diameter of a scleral lens can help significantly.

Dry Eye in Ventura, CA

People with dry eyes are often not comfortable with conventional contact lenses, even lenses like dailywoman wiping her eyes with a tissue disposables that are specially formulated for maintaining moisture. Dry eyes happen when the tear film that coats your eyes is insufficient. Scleral lenses are more comfortable in this case as they have a large gap between the contact lens and the cornea which allows for space for an artificial tears reservoir. In this case, there will then be more moisture remaining at the surface of the eyes. Patients report that Sclerals are extremely comfortable, far more so than they could have imagined. 

Post corneal surgeries such as corneal transplants often leave a person with blurry clear vision. This is where scleral lenses come in handy and offer you sharp, comfortable vision at the same time protecting delicate eye tissues from damage to the graft. Scleral lenses also offer eye protection from allergens, and so if you have allergies, you may consider getting them.

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