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Hard-to-Fit Contact Lenses

We now have the ability to fit contacts on almost every single person

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Consider the Possibilities with Comfortable and Sharp Contacts.

Did you try contacts in the past and found that your vision was blurry and/or painful? That’s not a reason to give up! We have an extensive collection of specialty contacts in our Ventura office, and our optometrist will work with you patiently to find the most suitable pair. To get started, contact us to book your contact lens eye exam.

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The Hard To Fit Contact Lens Center In Ventura, CA

There are numerous conditions that make it difficult to wear standard contacts. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Keratoconus
  • Corneal scarring
  • Post-LASIK, or other refractive procedure
  • Presbyopia
  • Astigmatism
  • Pellucid Marginal Degeneration
  • Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

Our eye doctor will perform a thorough exam of your eyes and vision in our Ventura, CA, optometry center. This is the only way to determine your individual requirements and the ideal contact lenses for hard-to-fit patients.

Toric Lenses for Astigmatism

When your cornea has two curves instead of one, it is diagnosed as astigmatism. This condition can cause blurry or double vision, which cannot be corrected with conventional contact lenses. However, toric lenses can often provide clear vision.

Toric lenses are custom-made to meet the needs of each hard-to-fit patient. Although they can be constructed from a range of soft materials, hard gas permeable toric contacts are often the best solution for many of our Ventura patients.

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses

Hard gas permeable contact lenses allow eyes to breathe. Additionally, they do not accumulate the protein deposits that soft lenses tend to collect. This significantly reduces your risk of eye infection and makes rigid GP lenses very appropriate for specific hard-to-fit conditions:

Keratoconus & Scleral Lenses

Keratoconus is characterized by a cornea that is thinner than normal and bulges into a cone shape. Normal soft contact lenses do not typically rest well on this shape, and blurred vision results. However, scleral lenses can offer the ideal treatment. Scleral lenses are rigid gas permeable contacts with an extra-wide diameter. They vault over your cornea entirely, resting on the whites (sclera) of your eye. Scleral lenses thereby replace the irregular surface of the cornea with a smoothly rounded surface – enabling crisp vision for people with hard-to-fit keratoconus.

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC)

GPC leads to swelling of the inner eyelid and it can be irritated by protein deposits that adhere to soft contact lenses. If our Ventura eye doctors diagnose you with GPC, we may recommend daily disposables or rigid gas permeable lenses to keep your eyes pain-free and healthy.


Despite the widespread popularity and success of LASIK, there are still some vision complications associated with the surgery. Some people experience poor vision at night, and they see a disturbing glare or halos around lights. Fortunately, rigid gas permeable lenses generally offer an effective solution.

Dry eyes lead to a slew of annoying symptoms, many of which can be exacerbated by (or even caused by) contact lenses. First, we’ll perform specialized testing to evaluate the cause of your dry eyes and to recommend the best personalized dry eye treatment. Our Ventura optometrist will then help determine the most suitable type of contact lenses for this hard-to-fit condition.

Scleral lenses may also be an effective option for dry eyes. Since they create a bridge over the surface of the eye, there is a gap that fills with tears. This tear-filled pocket can lubricate eyes and enhance comfort for people with dry eye syndrome.

Learn more about Scleral Contact lenses for dry eyes.

After age 40, it’s normal and common to experience trouble when reading fine print. Fortunately, presbyopia can be corrected easily. One option is to put on a pair of reading glasses or bifocals. Yet many of our Ventura patients are resistant to wearing this eyewear! That’s where multifocal and bifocal contacts can be an ideal treatment. An alternative solution for hard-to-fit patients with presbyopia is monovision contacts. This system involves wearing one lens for near vision and the other lens for distance.

If you have any of the above vision conditions or you tried contact lenses in the past and didn’t enjoy comfortable vision, please schedule a consultation in our Ventura, CA, office. There’s a lens for everyone, and no eyes are too complex for our optometrist. Our bilingual eye doctor looks forward to fitting contact lenses for our English and Spanish speaking patients who have a hard-to-fit vision condition!

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We perform detailed contact lens fittings and supply a wide variety of lenses, including specialty and hard-to-fit types!

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