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Do You Have A Contact Lens That Is Stuck In Your Eye?

Don’t Panic, follow the steps below and if you are unable to remove the lens, give us a call.

Your contact lenses are supposed to float on your eyeballs and slide just a little when you blink. When this is not the case, there may be some problems.

You should be able to take out your contact lenses when you want to. If it is stuck, however, you need to take them out before applying new ones. Here, we will look at the things you need to do if your contact lenses get stuck.

Remain Calm. Do Not Panic

There is actually no need to panic as stuck contact lenses are not going to cause any real problem. When you panic or become too anxious to get the stuck lenses out, it may become more difficult to deal with the situation.

You need to realize that they can’t really get stuck behind the eyeballs as the conjunctiva and rectus muscles will never allow that. Relax and take the following steps.

Wash Your Hands

Whenever you want to insert or remove your contact lenses, it is important that your hands are always clean. We are going to assume that your hands are clean before you even make your first attempt to get your contact lenses out.

Once you feel the lenses are stuck take time to wash your hand as you will most likely touch your eye area for a longer period of time. Do not dry the hand that is going to make contact with the eye to avoid getting towel fibers in your eyes.

Moisten The Stuck Contact Lens

Most often, lenses get stuck when they are dry. Putting a few drops of saline solution in your eye will help to loosen up the lenses and make floating possible again. It may take a few minute to get the lenses softened again and when this happens, it becomes easier to remove the lenses the way you normally do it.

Massage The Eye Lids Gently

If your lens is still not easily removed try gently massaging your eyelid, while making sure not to apply force so as not to scratch your eye. If massaging the upper and lower eyelid does not work, attempt to flip the upper and lower eyelid. In many cases doing this by a mirror or with someone else can make the process more efficient.

Remove The Contact Lens

You can blink your eyes severally or close your eyes for a few seconds before attempting to remove the stuck lenses again. When this doesn’t work, you can close your eyes, massage your eyelids gently before trying again. If all of the above fail, attempt to put in a second lens, many times moving it around will help remove the old lens.

How About a Gas Permeable Contact Lens

The process above is not ideal when you are dealing with a GP contact lens. Never massage your eyelid in this case. You can use the pad of your fingertip to press your eye just outside the edge of the lens to break the suction between the lens and the eyeball. Alternatively, use the suction cup sold in the eye-care section of drug stores. Apply the device to the center of the GP lens and it will adhere: pull the lens off gently.

You can get your stuck contact lenses out by following the steps here but if it proof too hard, contact your doctor.

Did your contact lenses get stuck in your eye? Contact us today at Buena Vista Optometry. The qualified and compassionate eye doctors at our Ventura vision center will attend to you promptly and help you get rid of the contacts. An amazing experience awaits you.

Questions And Answers About Contact Lenses That Are Stuck In Your Eye

Is It Common For Contacts To Get Stuck?

While not common, contact lenses do get stuck in peoples eyes, and it is something that our Ventura Optometrist has extensive experience. In many cases, the lens gets stuck when the patient is playing a sport or involved in an intense physical activity.

Can A Contact Get Stuck Permanently?

No, contacts are can only get stuck temporarily. However, there are extremely rare cases where a lens was stuck for a long period of time because the patient was unaware of the stuck lens.

What Should I Do If I Cannot Remove The Stuck Contact Lens At Home?

Our Ventura Optometrist can help, give us a call or schedule an emergency eye exam at our state of the art Ventura Eye Care Center for professional care.

Is A Stuck Lens Dangerous?

In almost all cases a contact lens that is stuck in your eye can be removed with no long-term danger. Even if you have difficulty at home, our Ventura Optometrist can help you remove the lens. In rare cases, the attempts at removing the lens can cause minor scratches to the eye or introduce an infection into the eye. That is why we recommend seeing our Optometrist if there are any symptoms that accompany your stuck lens.

Where Should I Go To Remove My Stuck Lens?

While all eye doctors can help, our Ventura optometrist has extensive experience and the latest technology, to ensure the best care. Our optometrist not only specializes in contact lens fittings (for even the most complicated cases such as Scleral Lenses and Ortho K Lenses) he is also the President of the California Optometric Association. Dr. Bajwa has helped patients from Ventura, Oxnard, Ojai, Camarillo, and many other cities nearby with virtually every type of eye emergency.