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Some Common Eye Emergencies

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Eye emergencies refer to any condition that affects the eyes and that require immediate attention. The eye, being a very sensitive part of the body, requires special attention whenever anything happens to it but there are some conditions or incidents that require immediate attention in order to prevent further damage - they are known as eye emergencies.

What Are Common Eye Emergencies?

Every sudden problem that affects the eyes and causes change in vision is treated as an eye emergency. Problems such as cuts, scratches, burns, chemical exposure, objects in the eyes, and blunt injuries to the eyes or eyelids are all considered eye emergencies. Some eye infections are also considered eye emergencies. Acute glaucoma may require immediate medical attention. Retinal detachment which occurs when the retina suddenly pulls away from its usual position is also treated as an eye emergency. Other problems such as retinal artery occlusion or retinal vein occlusion (blockages of the vessels that take blood to or from the eyes) are also treated as eye emergencies.

What Are The Signs That Indicate An Eye Emergency?

Most of the problems that are considered eye emergencies are easily understandable. When an individual has an object in his/her eyes or has been exposed to chemicals, the signs are pretty clear. When a person suffers cuts or scratches to the eyes, there are no signs needed at all to know that it is an emergency.

In an instance where you are not certain that you may have an eye emergency, there are some signs that should prompt you to seek medical attention such as eye pain, bruising around the eye, discharge from the eye, loss of vision, decreased vision, burning or stinging sensation, a bulging or immovable eye, double vision, severe itching, light sensitivity, redness, new or severe headache and bleeding from the eye.

What Should Be Done In The Case Of An Eye Emergency?

Eye emergencies require urgent medical attention and it is important that you follow the right process to bring about the best possible result. Whenever there is an eye emergency, it is important to seek urgent medical attention from an optometrist or other qualified medical doctors. First aid may be necessary but self-medication should be avoided as it can worsen the problem.

How Are Eye Emergencies Treated?

Treatment of eye emergencies will depend on the specific cause of the problem. Eye drops and medication may work in certain instances but there are circumstances that demand surgical procedures. The doctor will decide on the best option to pursue.

Eye emergencies are serious conditions and should be treated as such. The right treatment from the right medical professional will offer proper relief. An eye emergency that is not properly addressed can can lead to vision loss or blindness in extreme cases. Seek immediate medical care when you have an eye emergency.

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