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Back-to-School Eye Exams for Kids

Girl Child in school

Children Need to See Well to Learn Well

You already bought your child a new school bag and fresh supplies for the upcoming grade. What else can you do to prepare your young student for success in school? Book an eye exam! Just as your child’s body grows and develops, so do the eyes - and you need an eye doctor to keep watch on how vision may be changing.

Visual skills develop and advance significantly throughout the elementary school years. When these skills – such as focusing and eye mobility – do not function smoothly, it can compromise basic learning, including reading and writing. That is because learning and vision are linked intricately.  Our kid-friendly eye doctor in Ventura, CA, is experienced in performing comprehensive pediatric eye exams. We know what to check for, and we will design effective treatment as necessary.

Don’t Wait for Your Child’s Grades to Suffer

Kids don’t always complain when they can’t see perfectly. Just because your child doesn’t tell you that the screen is fuzzy or the classroom board isn’t clear, it doesn’t mean that they are seeing well! Only a qualified eye doctor can diagnose many pediatric vision conditions. That is why it is essential not to delay your child’s eye exam. Call our office today – before an undetected eye condition interferes with vision and learning, causing your kid to struggle in school.

Complete Eye Exams Check More than 20/20 Vision

Many school nurses will administer vision screening for students, and many parents ask our Ventura, CA, eye doctor why this test isn’t enough to rule out a vision condition. To explain, basic vision screening checks for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If your child has one of these conditions, glasses are generally enough to correct the problem. We will confirm your child’s vision prescription to ensure that he or she is treated with the right glasses!  In addition, when our optometrists perform a pediatric eye exam, we also inspect for problems with convergence, tracking, focusing, eye-hand coordination, visual processing, and lazy eye (amblyopia). All of these parts of vision are critical for learning.

When Glasses are Not Enough To Correct the Problem

While the most common eye condition in kids is nearsightedness, which is easily corrected by glasses, other typical conditions include lazy eye (amblyopia) and problems with eye alignment. A number of methods, including eyeglasses, prescribing an eye patch, and vision therapy exercise, can strengthen the weaker eye to treat lazy eye. Your Ventura eye doctor is skilled at treating amblyopia and other vision conditions that affect learning. The sooner treatment begins the more effective it will be – so book a back to school eye exam today, before the school bell rings again!

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