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6 Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

6 Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

In the last few decades, contact lens technology has really come a long way. Today, there are contact lenses provided by our optometrist in Ventura CA that are described as daily contact lenses. These lenses are disposable. Hence, instead of worrying about cleaning them on a daily basis, you can just get rid of the used ones and grab a new one. While many find them very helpful, there are others that feel contact lenses are not for them.

Some of the benefits of disposable contacts include:

They Are Ideal For Travelers

Using regular contact lenses is always burdensome for individuals that travel so much. You need to make sure that you have contact lens cases, lens solution, and the lenses themselves are in place at all time. With daily contacts, you do not have to worry about all these while you are on the go.

They Do Not Contribute To Allergy Symptoms

For individuals that suffer from eye allergy, regular contact lenses often contribute to the problem. The chances of allergens accumulating on the lenses are high and there are increased chances of irritation. With disposable contacts, you have to change them daily so no accumulation of allergens.

They Feature the Easiest Way to Remember your Schedule

When you use regular contact lenses that need to be changed on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, you need to keep your calendar handy. With daily disposable contact lenses, this problem is eliminated. You just need to get rid of them at night and put on new ones in the morning.

They Offer Real Comfort

It is very comfortable to use daily disposable contacts. They do not accumulate any form of residue since they are changed on a daily basis. You just need to apply new ones each new day.

They Reduce the Risk of Infections

Regular contact lenses need to be cleaned regularly to avoid infections in the eyes. Even when you try to maintain them, there are still chances of them being exposed to bacteria and this means that infections can start from there. With daily contact lenses, this is not the case.

They Require No Cleaning

If we can be honest, no one enjoys the rigors of cleaning contact lenses on a daily basis. The time spent doing this can be used for something else when you have daily disposable contact lenses. There won’t also be a need for lens cases and lens cleaners.

Daily contact lenses are helpful in different ways but it may still be important to speak with your doctor to know what is best for your eyes. Contact us today at Buena Vista Optometry for your disposable contacts. We will offer you the ideal daily contact lenses that will improve your vision without any side effect. We serve both kids and adult patients in Ventura, CA.

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