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We accept many vision insurance plans for your eye care needs

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  1. It is the base of the president of the California Optometric Association, Dr Bajwa
  2. Vision Service Plan, (VSP), originated from there

If you are within Ventura, or California at large, and you’re looking to get an eye exam, you should consider investing in any of the vision insurance plans. There are many Optometrists that accept vision insurance plans like


This is one of the foremost vision insurance companies in the US. More than 36000 vision care providers accept it, and over 79 million people benefit from this service. A lot of employer benefit packages made VSP insurance package available to most of their employees.


Under this plan, benefactors are expected to pay yearly ad not monthly like a lot of the other insurance plans. Also, there are no limits to the number of times a benefactor can use the coverage.


Vision Plan of America, unlike many other vision insurance plans, offers flat rate coverage rather than paying bit by bit in percentage of the amount of charges. The company was founded in 1986, and is based in California.


This Company provides supplemental insurance plan. Its vision insurance plan normally comes through employers to employees, or by personally purchasing an individual insurance company.

These and many more are the vision insurance plan we accept. Under these plans, benefactors are entitled to a bunch of eye care services as follows.

– Regular eye examinations

– Prescription eyeglasses; frames and lenses

– Prescription contact lenses

– LASIK and PRK vision correction at a very affordable rate

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