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VSP vision insurance for Eye Exams

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The need to provide affordable high-quality eye care services led a small group of optometrists to form the first prepaid, non-profit vision Benefit Company in 1955, known as the California Vision Services. This became the precursor to Vision Service Plan (VSP). Since then, VSP has come a long way as the largest vision insurance company in the United States, providing affordable and high-quality eye care services to over 79 million people globally.

Benefits of VSP Insurance

To be eligible for VSP services, one is expected to register with VSP, and find a doctor in the network, preferably one that is not too far off, to take care of your eye care exams. Once you can verify that you have VSP, you will pay the lowest out-of-pocket cost for every eye care service you may receive. Your VSP insurance, just like many other vision insurance, grants you the benefit of receiving regular eye exam at the lowest cost, as well as allowing you to be proactive in looking after your vision. Dr Bajwa, the president of the California Optometric Association, is always available to offer comprehensive eye exam to you, using your VSP vision insurance, especially if you live within or around Ventura, CA.

Note that VSP vision insurance eye care services acquired from network providers are more cost effective than the ones gotten from out-of-network providers.

VSP vs. Medical Insurance

The difference between VSP and medical insurance is in what they cover:

Generally, VSP vision insurance covers

– Annual eye examinations

– Prescription eyeglasses; frames and lenses

– Prescription contact lenses

– LASIK and PRK vision correction at a very affordable rate

Medical insurance on the other hand, also known as health insurance, is a type of insurance package that pays for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the benefactor. There are different medical insurance plan, which means some of the plans may not cover a lot of services.

Generally, medical insurance covers

– Emergency services

– Hospitalization

– Prescription drugs

– Laboratory services

– Pediatric services


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