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Eye Exams

why they are important for kids, adults, people with diabetes etc.

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Professionals recommend that everyone should have a periodic and detailed eye examination as part of their primary care routine. Eye examinations totally differ from eye tests or vision screening. Vision screenings are tests that are conducted to detect the risk of possible vision problems in people. In fact, it is vision screening that indicates and recommends an eye exam for the patient. It is never a substitute for a comprehensive eye exam.

What is an eye exam?

An eye examination is a series of detailed rigorous tests performed by an ophthalmologist, optometrist, or orthoptist, assessing vision and the ability to focus on objects, as well as other related tests and examinations that pertain to the eyes vision. It is based upon the results of your exam that the doctor will recommend a treatment plan for your individual needs. Remember, it is only an eye doctor that can provide a comprehensive eye exam.

Why eye exam is important to everyone?

Adults need eye exams to keep their prescriptions current and to check for signs of age-related eye diseases. Eye exams for children play an important role in their normal development and the learning process. Regular eye exams are important for people with eye diseases, such as glaucoma and diabetes. Some eye diseases have no obvious symptoms in their early stages. The doctor carefully checks the health of your eyes to detect early problems. Early detection and treatment of eye diseases may reduce your risk for permanent vision loss.

When to do an eye exam:

According to Dr. Bajwa, the president of the California Optometric Association, a comprehensive eye exam should be taken once every year or two depending on a number of factors like age, risk factor, the use of corrective lenses, health condition, etc. Risk-free children should have their first eye exam at 6 months, the second at the age of 3, and the forth at the start of school. After that they’re expected to test their eyes once every two years. Adults aged 16 – 60 should go for a comprehensive eye exam every 1-2 years. Seniors aged 60 and above are expected to have their eyes tested every year.

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