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8 Reasons Ortho K is For You

Why go for Ortho K lenses?

Asian Woman Smiling 1280×853Orthokeratology lenses are used in the process of overnight corneal reshaping. You wear the rigid gas permeable lenses specially designed for the shape and size of your cornea overnight and enjoy the benefits of being completely free of any sight correction all through the day.

Are you wondering if these lenses could work for your situation? Here are a few good reasons why they may make life better for you.

  1. Take to the water without worry

Do you enjoy swimming? Or are you into water sports? If so, you must be aware of the difficulties of having to wear contact lenses or glasses. If you have faced the situation where your contacts have fallen off in the water during these activities, you must have wondered if there is a solution. Ortho k is the answer! It can leave you with 20/20 vision, without contacts during the daytime.

  1. Have lens-free active days

The same principle holds well if you are a dancer or are an active fitness freak. You don’t have to face the problems of your glasses fogging over when you are active. Orthokeratology is also a solution if you are a sportsman – you don’t have to worry about glasses and lenses while you take part in your sport.

  1. A good relief from the boredom of wearing glasses

Perhaps, you are just looking for a break from the boredom of wearing glasses day in and day out. Are you tired of adjusting them – the nose pads, hinge screws, and the temples – a million times? Are you just not comfortable in them anymore? Ortho K lenses can give you the freedom you are seeking. It may be like a dream-come-true – the complete elimination of glasses during the day.

  1. Dry eyes not suited for contact lenses

If you suffer from dry eyes or dry eye syndrome due to allergies, winds, or age, it must be even more difficult to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses may make worsen this discomfort. In this case, consider ortho-k lenses. These are associated with less discomfort and no pain as they are worn when sleeping. Also, your eyes will feel a lot better during the day when they are lens-free.

  1. No more distractions because of glasses

If you were glasses and are worried by glare and other disruptions, ortho-k might be a good relief.

  1. You need safety glasses for work

If your workplace demands the use of safety glasses and you are left with a difficult choice between non-prescription safety glasses meaning unclear vision and prescription glasses meaning risking unprotected eyes, ortho-k will be of help. As you do not have to wear any glasses in the daytime, you can easily put on the safety glasses needed for the safety of your eyes at your workplace.

  1. You want to control your myopia

Ortho-k has been found to be one of the most effective and safest methods of myopia control. So, it can help to control its progression rate. This fact makes ortho-k an ideal method for children between the ages of 6 and 12, who are in the stage of rapid progression of myopia. Ortho-k can slow or even stop the progression of myopia if used in the initial stages of the condition.

  1. A noteworthy alternative to LASIK

Ortho-k lenses are a good alternative to LASIK if you are not suitable for LASIK. The main advantages of ortho-k over LASIK are its cost (almost half of LASIK) and the fact that it is reversible, unlike LASIK.

Considering the benefits ortho-k can give you, if you decide to go for it or if you want more information, contact our practice, Buena Vista Optometry in Ventura CA.

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