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Questions About Contact Lenses?

Your Contact Lens Experts in Ventura, CA, Have the Answers!

attractive blond putting in contact lensWearing eyeglasses can be a pain. At Buena Vista Optometry we understand that some days you just don’t want to wear anything on your nose. That’s why contact lenses have become so popular. They offer enhanced comfort, convenience and vision clarity for most people. Also, no matter which type of contact lens you choose from our Ventura, CA, collection, it will coordinate perfectly with your whole wardrobe! Your natural beauty will shine through, with no bulky glasses in the way.

If you’re just getting started with contact lenses or you are switching types, you probably have questions. Fortunately, our Ventura eye doctors specialize in contacts and we’ll gladly provide answers. Read on to see the big picture about contact lenses:

Do I need a special contact lens fitting or eye exam?

Yes. Contact lenses come in different sizes and types; they are not one-size-fits-all. You need a professional contact lens eye exam to make sure that they fit you precisely.

Also, your vision prescription for eyeglasses is not suitable for purchasing contact lenses. Even if it is current and has the right lens powers, it is missing the base curve and diameter – measurements that are essential for comfortable contact lenses. Your optometrist will use advanced technology to measure your eyes to determine the best contacts for you. An improper fit can cause pain and lead to eye complications.

Where should I buy my contact lenses?

A variety of sizes, types and materials is available, and we make it a point to keep our Ventura contact lenses collection stocked with the best, premium options. Simply bring your up-to-date prescription to our store to see the benefits from buying contacts from an optometrist. We will make sure the fit is correct, and we are here to provide comprehensive follow-up eye exams. When you purchase your contact lenses from our optometrist, you are putting your eye health in our trusted, professional hands. In contrast, when you buy contacts from a random online retailer, there is nobody who will take care of your vision and ensure that your eyes remain healthy.

Is it difficult to take care of contact lenses?

Contacts are more advanced than ever. A range of new solutions and disinfectants make it simple to sterilize and store your lenses. Also, dailies (single-use contacts that you throw out at the end of each day) offer ultimate convenience – with no need to disinfect or store them.

Do dailies offer many advantages?

Daily disposables have a definite edge over many other types of contact lenses, which is why we have so many of them in our Ventura, CA, inventory. Since they are worn once and then discarded, bacteria don’t have time to cling to the contacts and breed on your eye. If you suffer eye allergies, dailies also don’t give allergens any time to build up on the lens surface. Many eye care specialists consider dailies to be the healthiest and most comfortable contact lens option.

Daily disposables don’t require any cases or disinfectant solutions, which can make them more affordable. In particular, people who travel a lot love the convenience of only packing fresh pairs of lenses. Teens, who are known to neglect proper contact lens hygiene, also do great with dailies.

Are there many risks involved with wearing contact lenses?

Failing to follow the guidelines for taking care of your contacts can lead to an eye infection. Some types of infection are not only painful, but can also cause lasting damage to your eyesight. However, if you practice healthy contact lens habits, you minimize the risks considerably. Our Ventura contact lens experts recommend that you follow these basic rules to stay safe:

  • Remove your lenses according to schedule and discard them according to schedule
  • Don’t wear contacts while sleeping, unless your eye doctor directs you to do so
  • Follow your eye doctor’s instructions for disinfecting, storing and rinsing
  • Replace your contact lens case regularly
  • Don’t swim with your contacts

Can I wear contacts if I have dry eye?

Dry eye can make it uncomfortable to wear contact lenses. You may experience burning, a sensation of “gritty” eyes, or pain. Numerous causes can be behind the development of dry eye syndrome, which is a common condition. We will examine your eyes to determine the cause, which helps to determine the best dry eye treatment. Nowadays, there is a range of contact lenses that are especially suited to provide comfortable wearing for people with dry eye, including daily disposables, daily wear and scleral lenses. We are familiar with the latest technologies on the market, and our Ventura, CA, contact lens specialists will recommend the ideal lenses.

Do you have more questions? Do you want to get started with wearing contact lenses? We’re waiting to see you at Buena Vista Optometry, located to serve you in Ventura, CA. Call us, today.

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